About online payments

We offer the facility to pay the following contributions online:

- Payment of the LPIN affiliation fee

- Payment of the annual LPIN membership fee

- Payment for participation in LPIN competitions fee

- Payment for the products offered by the LPIN online store, where various promotional products such as personalized swimming equipment are sold.

All these online payments are made through the payment services processor we collaborate with, respectively by NETOPIA FINANCIAL SERVICES S.R.L., registered at the Trade Register under no. J40 / 12763/2020, unique registration code RO43131360, headquartered in Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard 9-9A, Building 24, 4th floor, Bucharest 020335.

Online payment procedure:

- Based on the e-mail received from you requesting one of the services listed above, LPIN sends you a link to a dedicated page of the LPIN platform, where you will confirm the payment details and the order will reach the payment processor, in order to carry out the operation.

- After making the payment you will be informed that the payment has been made.

Special mentions:

- For affiliation fee, annual membership fee, as well as participation in LPIN competitions fee, will not be refundable.

- For payments made for products offered by the online store, they can only be refunded if, within 24 hours of payment, the order is canceled by e-mail.

For any information regarding online payments, you will be able to contact LPIN by e-mail: contact@lpin.ro and your requests will be analyzed with priority.