The Swimming Performance League is an association that aims at organizing swimming competitions at the national level, according to the highest standards.

We, therefore, want all types of swimmers to benefit from motivating competitive experiences.
Our competitions will be promoted by professional media; timing and arbitration will be at the highest level and the results will be visualized in real-time.

We have a professional, young and enthusiastic team that will help us gather local or national sponsors around us so that in time, we can offer consistent awards to winners of the League competitions.
The competition samples will be rigorously selected and adapted to the ages of the athletes, but also to the methodical requirements imposed by the preparation for the competition.

We want to ensure a coherent competitive pathway to support sports training.
The promoted strategies will guarantee new ways of educational approach to competitive races and will guide the development of training.

For the "learning" stage of the various contest tests, these strategies aim at overcoming motric and affective-attitudinal behaviors.

In the racing phase, we will be able to objectively assess the progress of our swimmers.

In fact, we believe that the most accurate form of appreciation of individual differences in manifesting the ability to perform is the Contest!
We will promote ethics in the competitive attitude of athletes, coaches and parents.

We will be transparent in the selection criteria of the athletes, we will communicate all our partners permanently so that we can together support the future champions of Romania.

We are open to any collaboration in this endeavor and we are really looking for recommendations on our competitive concepts.