a) Organizes official sports activities and competitions, open to all centers in the country that are preparing performance swimmers, based on the rules and regulations adopted, according to the state.

b) Initiates, organizes and ensures collaboration with FRNPM, as well as with similar structures from abroad.

c) Organizes and coordinates the activity of the referee, regarding their training, improvement and promotion.

d) Draws up its own competition timetable, taking into account the internal and international timetable of the FRNM, as well as the related regulations, in all age categories.

e) Makes LPIN lots in order to participate in the Championship Tournament at the end of each year or in specific training camps.

f) Develops the information and documentation system, organizes conferences, courses and strategies to improve the management of clubs, sports coaches and instructors, referees and, last but not least, information and education campaigns for parents.

g) Manages its own patrimony as well as sponsorships received in accordance with legal stipulations and is committed to continuous development and modernization, for consistency and sustainability in the proposed activities.

h) Sets the amount of contributions and penalties.

i) Develops and adopts regulations, technical, financial, other rules of a general nature or to achieve the intended objectives.