Signing up

LPIN competitions may only be attended by athletes of affiliated clubs
By participating in LPIN competitions and following the scores obtained, athletes can win their right to participate in the " Championship Tournament – OPEN ", a tournament that will be held at the end of each year and will bring together the best competitors of that year at national level.

  • Entries are valid if they are strictly carried out within the time indicated by the organizers. This period is mentioned on the page dedicated to each competition;
  • The authorized person from each affiliate club electronically sends the enrollment form to the organizers, without any omissions. This form is sent every time, even if entries to the contest are also "on-line". Handwritten centralizers will not be considered.
  • By registering and sending the official competition centralizers, the club's legal representative confirms that all athletes are fit to compete, have a valid medical visit. The legal representative of the club bears full responsibility for the legality and distribution of the information submitted to LPIN (the athlete is legitimate in that club, has parental consent, data is correct, etc.).
  • Subsequent quittings from the contest will be communicated by the coach but will only be performed by the platform manager.
  • For athletes who are participating for the first time in a contest, together with the centralization, will also send a copy / scan of the new child's birth certificate to document the age category to compete with, as well as a child's photo in .jpeg format for a complete profile of the athlete on the LPIN site. In the absence of these, new athletes will not be enrolled in the contest.
  • Referral to LPIN of these Athlete's personal documents includes and implies the consent of the parent or his / her legal representative for processing personal data by LPIN!
  • In the case of the transfer of athletes to other clubs, the database will be modified exclusively by the board administrator after the written confirmation received from the club from which the athlete has left.
  • Each authorized representative of a LPIN affiliate club will receive a "username" and a "password" that will be able to access the contest signup platform ( Once logged in, the club's representative will have access to the list of athletes he / she coordinates and who meet the conditions for participation in the competition (age, sex). In this way, each club will be able to make its enrollments by ticking the sample and the athletes. In the end, the sign-up will be validated by pressing the "save" button.
  • Starting lists are generated taking into account the best historical time of the athlete entered on a particular test or after the times given by the authorized person. If there is no historical time and no written request from the official representative, the enrollment time is generated automatically being 99:99:99.
Throughout the enrollment period, the program generates partial start lists. Any inconsistency observed must be reported immediately in writing to the organizers only by the coach or official club representative.
The start-up lists generated by the program close 48 hours before the official start.
For exceptional cases registration is allowed up to 36 hours before the contest but only with the written approval of the organizers.
The final lists will be transmitted / distributed on the day of the competition to the referees and officials of each club.