Our goal


a)    The Swimming Performance League promotes swimming performance in all age groups (from children to youth) and in all important swimming centers in the country.

b)    It organizes official swimming competitions, taking place both in Bucharest and at the national level in order to increase the interest of children for performance sports as well as to keep athletes and juniors involved in sports activity (decrease drop rate -out).

c)     Ensures representation in sports competitions and in the national structures to which it is affiliated, establishes and maintains relations of collaboration and sports exchanges with similar national and international structures.

d)    Together with the affiliated sports structures, they work with central and local public authorities to increase the child's addressability in the county / area to swimming, maintain motivation for cadets and juniors for great performance, and raise public awareness of the importance of swimming among teenagers and young people.

e)    Organizes its own competitive system in accordance with and constantly adapted to the latest national and international standards so that LPIN champions are representative athletes for Romania in European and World Competitions.

f)      Militates for the promotion of "fair-play", honesty, fairness, work, support in training and competitions by athletes, coaches, referees and other technicians in the field.

g)    Strongly opposes the practice of using prohibited substances and methods in sports in accordance with domestic and international regulations.

h)    It works for the continuous training and improvement of specialists in the field, in correlation with the needs of Romanian swimming activity and in collaboration with FRNPM.